The ECSS offers educational workshops to its members, the European Workshops of Sport Science (EWSS). Held within the framework of the annual ECSS Congress, the EWSS aims to improve skills in key competences of science.

EWSS 2013 – 'Scientific Grants' at ECSS Barcelona 2013

26th of June 2013, 9.00 - 14.00 h, room: Aula 1

At ECSS Barcelona 2013 the EWSS will be addressed to young researchers at the starting point of their career. The ECSS would like to help promote their scientific careers by introducing possibilities to fund scientific projects. Attendees will get an overview of the multitude of European scientific grants and how to apply for those. In addition a best practice example shall be introduced. Please note, the EWSS will be offered to ECSS members exclusively. To become an ECSS member and benefiting from all ECSS membership services please sign up here.

Main aspects on the agenda:

• Good practices in fundraising.
Which are the generic aspects that make a proposal attractive for a funding program? Given the multiplicity of funding organizations, how to choose the right funding mechanism for my interests and possibilities? How can I optimally plan project activities during proposal preparation? 

• How evaluation and funding decisions are made.
The evaluation and ranking of s proposal is in most cases - and especially in ERC grants - carried out also by scientists. In the eyes of a peer evaluator: which are the subtle differences between a good proposal, and a proposal retained for funding?

• EU funding opportunities.
The EU landscape of grants is confusing - without a basic orientation, the distinction between what can be right for a given researcher becomes complex. An outline about the planned Horizon 2020 program will serve as a generic orientation for you to know the areas to follow - and which to ignore.

• European Research Council scheme
ERC grants are the best EU instrument for individual, excellent research and open to any field of sport sciences. Focus will be given to ERC Starting and Consolidator grants. Practical, hands-on session on the key aspects to decide whether to go for an ERC grant or not. Valuable Extra plus: the key do and don’t when preparing a proposal.

• Marie Curie grants
The Marie Curie program offers excellent opportunities for researchers to foster their careers. Overview on calls currently open, including key aspects to take into account for a successful proposal.

The Speaker  

Aurelio Ruiz
Promotion - Research Service, Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona

Aurelio Ruiz holds a Telecommunications Engineering Degree from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and a Master in Science Management and Leadership from IDEC, UPF. Since 2006 Ruiz is with University Pompeu Fabra, currently acting as R&D Promoter of the Communication Campus, where he is responsible for setting up the environment that promotes high-quality research, including fundraising.

Despite being one of the smallest universities in Spain, UPF has become the most efficient Spanish university in terms of EU funds:  it currently runs 15 ERC projects and 35 Marie Curie grants with a total funding of over 35 million €.

EWSS 2013 - `Quantitative Research Designs in Sport and Exercise Science` at ECSS Barcelona 2013
26th of June 2013, 9.00 - 13.00 h, room: Aula Magna 4

This workshop will be presented by Will Hopkins, professor of exercise science at Auckland University of Technology, a fellow of ECSS, and the editor of the Sportscience journal/site, www.sportsci.org.

The focus will be how to choose and optimize the most appropriate design for case studies, observational studies, interventions, and methodological studies (of validity, diagnostic accuracy, reliability, and factor structure).  Topics will include bias, blinding, causation, confounding, mediators (mechanism variables), moderators (individual differences), randomization, and sample size. Please note, the EWSS will be offered to ECSS members exclusively. To become an ECSS member and benefiting from all ECSS membership services please sign up here.

Online registration opens for ECSS members on 15th December 2012 through the ECSS accounts. Due to limited capacity, seats are available first come, first serve.

To sign up for one of the EWSS please login to your account, here.

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