European Workshop of Sport Science

How to register to the workshop?

The ECSS offers educational workshops to its members, the European Workshops of Sport Science (EWSS). Held within the framework of the annual ECSS Congress, the EWSS aims to improve skills in key competences of science. Registration to annual EWSS is possible through your ECSS account.

EWSS 2014a – 'Publishing in Scientific Journals - Getting that first paper published in a peer-reviewed journal' at ECSS Amsterdam 2014

Prior to ECSS Amsterdam 2014 on 2nd July 2014 the annual Workshop of the ECSS is scheduled. Between 8:45 h and 12:30 h CET Dr Xavier Sanchez, University of Groningen will share his experience and skills in publishing papers in scientific journals in room G-105.
The workshop will provide delegates with an overview of the publication process for early–career researchers, and guidelines and tips on how to get (doctoral) research published.
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EWSS 2014b – social media and sport research workshop at ECSS Amsterdam 2014

This ECSS Workshop is also scheduled prior to ECSS Amsterdam 2014 on 2nd July 2014. It will take place between 9:00 h and 12:30 h CET in room G-106.

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Hosted by Professor Andy Miah, with special guests
Coordinated by Kate Nuttall, on behalf of ECSS

This workshop on social media and sport will take you from newbie to guru in 3 hours. Bring your mobile devices, sit back, and get online. We will cover some of the most prominent social media platforms, while also discussing mobile apps, big data, plugins, extensions, and new digital tools for research. Across the three hours, we will cover the following platforms and more: Facebook, Google (Drive, Chrome, Glass), If this then that, Runtastic, Twitter, YouTube.
In fact, we would like you to shape the content of this session by taking our poll. Tell us what you want to hear about and we will tailor the content accordingly.
Click the following link to let us know. http://tinyurl.com/ecss2014
Here is a breakdown of the workshop by hour. Come along for the duration, or just for the hour that suits your level. Please register early, as we have a cap on attendance!
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Please note, online registration will open on 15th December and is exclusively available to ECSS members. Please register through your ECSS Account. Seats will be reserved on a first come first served basis.