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Uniting the world through Sport Science

24th annual Congress of the EUROPEAN COLLEGE OF SPORT SCIENCE

Proposals for invited scientific programme

Submission opens 1 October 2017

Download submission criteria

The invited programme (invited sessions and plenary sessions) of the annual ECSS congress is constructed in the ECSS winter meeting 1,5 years prior to the respective congress. The programme is debated in a joint effort between the local scientific committee and the ECSS Scientific Board.

The ECSS would like to encourage all ECSS members to actively participate in the building of the invited programme. You will be able to submit your proposals via your ECSS account, exclusively. The submission link is available in the “myMembership administration” section of your ECSS account.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 15 November 2017. After this deadline the submission system will be closed. No proposals will be accepted outside of this procedure.

All proposals undergo reviewing by the ECSS Scientific Board and the local scientific committee. Only those proposals will be accepted for review that fulfil the submission criteria clearly indicated at the beginning of the submission process.

Due to limited capacity available (41 invited sessions and 4 plenary sessions), the ECSS cannot guarantee nor promise that your proposal will enter the scientific programme. You will be informed about the acceptance/rejection of your proposal in March 2018.

...where Franz Kafka wrote his novels

Prague: The European city of sport 2016

About the congress

We aim to host a world-class annual congress of high
quality, innovative science, and of relevance and impact for our members, delegates and partners.

For 2019, we have organised

Outstanding speakers covering a wide range of sport science disciplines
A rich cultural and social programme
Satellite symposia with cutting edge topics
Practical workshops connecting scientists and practitioners
Physical activities in natural and protected areas of Prague

About the city of Prague

We also aim to bring you a world-class congress experience in terms of location, venue, networking, social interaction, sustainability and Corporate Social

Local Committee

ECSS Prague 2019

Congress president

- Václav Bunc (CZ)

Local scientific committee

- Václav Bunc (CZ)
- Jiří Baláš (CZ)
- Ladislav Čepička (CZ)
- Jiří Radvanský (CZ)

- Václav Bunc (CZ)
- Jiří Baláš (CZ)
- Ladislav Čepička (CZ)
- Jiří Dostál (CZ)
- Karel Frὅmel (CZ)
- Lenka Kovářová (CZ)
- Jiří Radvanský (CZ)
- James Tufano (CZ, USA)
- Martin Zvonař (CZ)

Local organising committee

- Marie Skalská (CZ)

- Marie Skalská (CZ)
- Lucie Kalkusová (CZ)
- Eva Prokešová (CZ)
- Miroslav Semerád (CZ)
- Tomáš Větrovský (CZ)

Head of Volunteers

- Tomáš Brtník (CZ)

A list of some highlights for 2019

The beautiful and medieval city of Prague, on the Moldau river and in the heart of Europe
Surroundings that include the oldest and largest university in the Czech Republic, Charles University (founded in 1348)
A city that is accessible within a three hour flight from nearly all EU countries
Delicious and traditional cuisine along with famous Czech beer
The European city of sport 2016
A green meeting
Practical workshops connecting scientists and practitioners