Oral Winners 2020

1st prize

Botella Ruiz
Jamnick, N.A., Perri, E., Saner, N.J., Diaz-Lara, J., Oorschot, V., Ramm, G., Lazarou, M., Bishop, D.J.

Sprint-interval exercise, but not moderate intensity continuous exercise, disrupts the mitochondrial pool and increases the regulation of mitophagy

2nd prize

Soulhol, M., Amarantini, D., Duclay, J.

Effect of muscle contraction type on corticomuscular coherence

3rd prize


Negotiating authenticity - A study of young equestrians and social media

4th prize

Peeters, Wouter 
Gram, M., Sheard, P.W., Danielson, K.M., Dias, G., Cornwall, J.E., Rowlands, D.S.

Dietary wool-derived keratin protein in combination with exercise augments glucose uptake and muscle blood flow in adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus – a Randomized Controlled Trial
United Kingdom

Equal 5th prize

Bokov, Roman
Gusev, O.A.2, Makhnovskii, P.A.1, Lysenko, E.A.1,3, Vepkhvadze, T.F.1, Vinogradova, O.L.1,3, Popov, D.V.1,3

Dynamics of human skeletal muscle transcriptome changes after endurance exercise: coregulated genes and upstream regulators


Ruas, Cassio
Latella, C., Taylor, J., Haff, G.G., Nosaka, K.

Neuromuscular modulations in eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage and the repeated bout effect


Pinckaers, Philippe
Churchward-Venne, T.A.1, Smeets, J.S.J.1, Betz, M.W.1, Senden, J.M.1, Goessens, J.P.B.1, Gijsen, A.P.1, Rollo, I.2, Verdijk, L.B.1, Van Loon, L.J.C.1

Dose response of dietary protein on muscle protein synthesis during recovery from endurance exercise in young men


Norbury, Ryan
Smith, S.A., Burnley, M., Mauger, A.R.

Experimental Muscle Pain Reduces Endurance and Maximal Strength via Centrally Mediated Mechanisms
United Kingdom


Mazzoni, Anne-Sophie
Brooke, H.L.1, Berntsen, S.1,2, Nordin, K.1,2, Demmelmaier, I.1

Exercise adherence and effect of self-regulatory behaviour change techniques in patients undergoing curative cancer treatment: secondary analysis from the Phys-Can randomised controlled trial

Lievens, Eline
Van-Vossel, K., Van-de-Casteele, F., Wezenbeek, E., Witvrouw, E., Derave, W.

Muscle typology as a novel risk factor for hamstring strain injuries in professional football

Poster Winners 2020

1st prize

De Maria, Alessandra
Mallia, L., Zelli, A.

Perfectionism and sports injury: Identifying risk profiles in a retrospective and prospective design

2nd prize


Werkhausen, Amelie
Willwacher, S., Albracht, K.

Plantar flexor muscle-tendon behaviour during sprint acceleration

3rd prize


Gallego-Selles, Angel
Martinez-Canton, M., Martin-Rincon, M., Perez-Regalado, S., Martin-Rodriguez, S.M., Santana, A., Morales-Alamo, D., Dorado-Garcia, C., Calbet, J.A.L.

Application of post-exercise ischemia reveals an important role of Pi and PO2 in the regulation of Nrf2 and NFkB signalling in human skeletal muscle

4th prize


Yanaoka, Takuma
Iwata, R., Yoshimura, A., Hirose, N.

One-minute half-time re-warm up at high-intensity maintains sprint performance in the initial and final parts of the second half


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